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Package Information

Description: PortProton is a project designed to make it easy and convenient to run Windows games on Linux for both beginners and advanced users.
Homepage: https://linux-gaming.ru/
Maintainer: Евгений Храмов <xpamych@yandex.ru>
Architectures: all
Conflicts: portproton
Provides: portproton
Repository: default

Runtime Dependencies

arch: bash, icoutils, wget, bubblewrap, zstd, cabextract, bc, tar, openssl, gamemode, desktop-file-utils, curl, dbus, freetype2, gdk-pixbuf2, ttf-font, zenity, lsb-release, nss, xorg-xrandr, vulkan-driver, vulkan-icd-loader, lsof, lib32-freetype2, lib32-libgl, lib32-gcc-libs, lib32-libx11, lib32-libxss, lib32-alsa-plugins, lib32-libgpg-error, lib32-nss, lib32-vulkan-driver, lib32-vulkan-icd-loader, lib32-gamemode, lib32-openssl
debian: curl, zenity, cabextract, bubblewrap, gamemode, icoutils, tar, wget, zstd, libvulkan1
fedora: curl, gamemode, icoutils, libcurl, wget, zenity, bubblewrap, zstd, cabextract, tar, goverlay, openssl, vulkan-loader(x86-32), vulkan-loader, mesa-vulkan-drivers, mesa-vulkan-drivers(x86-32), mesa-libGL, mesa-dri-drivers, mesa-dri-drivers(x86-32)
redos: bubblewrap, cabextract, curl, icoutils, vulkan-loader, vulkan-loader(x86-32), vulkan-tools, wget, zenity, zstd

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