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default / admc 0.13.0-alt1

User-friendly Linux tool for working with Active Directory domains and group policies.

default / admc-git 3592.023670c

User-friendly tool for working with Active Directory domains and group policies

default / cava 0.9.1

Cross-platform Audio Visualizer

default / cava-git 0

Cross-platform Audio Visualizer

default / deduplicator 0.1.6

Find, Sort, Filter & Delete duplicate files

default / deduplicator-git 163.023670c

Find, Sort, Filter & Delete duplicate files

default / espanso-bin 2.1.8

Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust

default / glue-git 1.0

Alignable paste alternative commandline utility.

default / hlna-git latest

Этот инструмент позволяет управлять выделенным сервером ARK: Survival Evolved на Linux. Он предоставляет множество функций, чтобы получить полный список, ознакомьтесь с разделом использования. (находится в разарботке и может содержать ошибки)

default / hyfetch 1.4.11

Neofetch with LGBTQ+ pride flags

default / hyfetch-git 6457.5519dd1

Neofetch with LGBTQ+ pride flags

default / img2pdf+ 1.1.3

Merge images into one pdf file via command line.

default / itd-bin 1.1.0

Companion daemon for the InfiniTime firmware on the PineTime smartwatch

default / itd-git 188.271510d

Companion daemon for the InfiniTime firmware on the PineTime smartwatch

default / itgui-git 99.08113c2

GUI client for ITD

default / jetbrains-toolbox-bin

Manage all your JetBrains Projects and Tools

default / k9s 0.26.6

TUI for managing Kubernetes clusters and pods

default / lapce-bin 0.2.8

Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor

default / linux-user-repository-bin 0.1.1

Linux User REpository

default / linux-user-repository-git 333.0c6cdad

Linux User REpository

default / logseq-desktop 0.9.15

A privacy-first, open-source platform for knowledge management and collaboration

default / neofetch 7.1.0

Neofetch displays information about your operating system, software and hardware in an aesthetic and visually pleasing way.

default / noisetorch 0.12.2

NoiseTorch-ng is an easy to use open source application for Linux with PulseAudio or PipeWire. It creates a virtual microphone that suppresses noise, in any application.

default / obsidian-bin 1.3.7

A powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files

default / oniongen-rs 0.6.3

A v3 .onion address vanity URL generator written in Rust

default / portproton 1.0

PortProton is a project designed to make it easy and convenient to run Windows games on Linux for both beginners and advanced users.

default / rustup 1.25.1

Rust toolchain manager

default / scdoc-git 148.afeda24

scdoc is a simple man page generator for POSIX systems written in C99.

default / shfmt-git 3570.6fe8d00

Format shell programs

default / steamcmd 1

Steam Command Line Tools

default / sudo-mice-bin 1.0

A pixel graphics CLI GUI two players game.

default / syncthing 1.23.7

Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers.

default / syncthing-relaysrv 1.22.1

This is the relay server for the syncthing project.

default / synth 0.6.9

The Open Source Data Generator

default / telegram-desktop-bin 4.9.2

Official desktop version of Telegram messaging app - Static binaries

default / tuntox-git 269.ef1f283

Tunnel TCP connections over the Tox protocol

default / z88dk-git 21835.e89d1b4477

The development kit for Z80 computers

default / tutanota-bin 220.240403.0

Official Tutanota email client

default / binutils-z80 2.42

Cross-build binary utilities for z80

default / go-bin 1.22.5

Compiler and tools for the Go programming language

default / discord-bin 0.0.59

All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers